Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Blue Order

Here's my latest FanFic, enjoy!

The bag around Skulduggery's skull was lifted to reveal a room full of men in red cloaks. Some had their hoods down, others did not- but it looked like they all had a blue stripe across their eyes. The room was wide and the ceilings were very high up, shelves lined the walls and on the shelves sat books of every shape and size. There was a long table in the middle of the room that looked like I would host at least 50 people. The lighting was pathetic, so Skulduggery struggled to make out everything. However, he did see a banner stretching across the wall at the top of the table. 
"Welcome, Detective Pleasant," sang a cheery voice. "To the Blue Order." A small, dwarf-sized man stepped forward from the crowd. His cloak was different to everyone else's. It had  blue stripes on top of the red and there was a crest on the left shoulder with some sort of insignia on it. Suddenly the room became lighter, as if someone had opened curtains and let sunlight in. The banner at the top of the room, Skulduggery discovered, said 'The Blue Order' in red ink. 
"Am I missing so something?" Skulduggery chuckled. The dwarf-man frowned.
"What do you find so amusing, Mr Pleasant?" 
"Oh, it's just that..." Skulduggery could barely contain his amusement. "You're... You're..." He cleared his throat. "How unprofessional of me. I'd straighten my tie, but I'm a little tied up right now." He stated as he raised his hands, still tied up behind his back. 
"I'll ask again, detective. What do you find so amusing?"
"Oh yes. You'll have to forgive me, I was in another world going crazy with the Faceless Ones not to long ago, so my mind likes to wander a lot now." Skulduggery flashed the Blue Order a gleaming, boney smile. "But yes, what I find so amusing. Well, it's that this strange 'group' Is called the 'Blue Order' and every tag you put at one of my crime scenes is written in red. And you're all wearing red cloaks." The dwarf-man did not change his facial expression.
"And what is your point, detective?"
"Well, it's ridiculous, isn't it? You're called the Blue Order, yet you are all wearing red, writing in red. It's a it of a visual oxymoron. You'd be better calling yourselves the Red Order or meet in the middle and be the Purple Order. Or you could change your uniform." The entire room. Became an uproar until the dwarf-man screeched for silence.
"Mr Pleasant, we have kindly brought you forth into out midst and-"
"I wouldn't call it kindly," Skulduggery interrupted. "You've kidnaped me, tied me up and put a bag on my head."
"And shown you our most influential members. You know of our devious plans, and because we think you'll agree with us, we are asking you to join us, to help us make our world a better place, to put an end to our enemies. And you know, you will not win if you defy us. So stand with us and watch our enemies crumble." Cheers filled the room. 
"Well, as enticing as that offer sounds, I gracefully decline." Every man in the room began to shout and roar, or they thought that was what they were doing. It just sounded like school children arguing in the playground. 
"I mean, your plans to take over libraries worldwide are absolutely diabolical, I agree. I'm shaking at the thought, look." Skulduggery raised his arm slightly. "But I'd get caught if I helped. I mean, my friends will suspect something if I'm not still where I was and they'll track me here and ruin your entire scheme."
"But no one knows where you are. We took you from your house. They won't be able to find you. You live alone." A random member of the crowd shouted.
"Did you even check my house before you kidnapped me? No, I don't supposed you did." Everyone in the room began to look at each other in confusion. "I live alone, but I didn't say I was alone when you took me." That was when the doors crashed open. 

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