Thursday, 1 December 2011

Another fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!


Arianne Graham was 7 years old and sitting playing with her dolly, Miss Molly, in the garden, when her mother, Lizzy Graham was killed. There were screams so she went to see what was happening. She had found her in her bedroom lying is a distorted shape with her eyes and mouth open. “Mummy? Mummy why are you on the flood?” she had asked. “Mummy?” Papa Ben had found her, crying over her, blonde hair stained with her mothers blood and her Miss Molly dolly tucked close to her chest. Papa Ben had taken Arianne to her bedroom and told her to play with Miss Molly, whilst he examined the crime scene for traces of magic.
“Ari love, d’ya know who did that tae yer mammy?” he had asked her, voice shaking, and she had replied
“ No papa, I was playing with Miss Molly in the garden. Is she ok?” Papa had just stroked her head and said,
“She’s up in the stars with Nana and Daddy, love.” Innocently she had asked,
“ Can we go visit her Papa?”
“Not yet love, not yet. C‘mon we need to go somewhere safe.” he had told her in a scared voice that made Arianne realise something was wrong. Papa Ben had taken Arianne to the car, buckled her in and drove as fast as his old Volvo could go.
“Where are we Papa Ben, where‘s mummy and why did you drive so fast?” she had questioned him as they rushed into the dark building in front of them. Still walking, he had told her,
“Ari love, there is a bad man looking for you and I will explain the rest later, but we need to see the elder council and tell them ‘bout yer mammy”. The building had been bright and clean on the inside and Papa had rushed through the building that Arianne had thought was a maze and eventually they had reached a room. The bookshelves had covered the walls. She had been placed on a chair and Papa had instructed, “Stay here ‘till I get back, ok love? I wont be long.”
“Ok Papa” she had managed just as the door had shut. Arianne had sat for a total of three minutes before she got bored. She had got up and simply walked out of the room. She had wandered around laughing at the funny uniforms on the statue people, when she had first met Skulduggery Pleasant by walking into him, screaming at his face, then running over to a statue person and hiding behind it.
“ Oh, sorry there. You don’t want to hide behind a cleaver, their extremely scary,” he had told her.
“A what-er?” she had said looking puzzled. He replied, “Never mind. I’m Skulduggery Pleasant, the suave, funny and extremely clever skeleton detective and …” He had begun saying when he was interrupted,
“Did he mention modest? I’m Ghastly by the way.” Skulduggery had pushed Ghastly and said
“I was getting to that bit. As I was saying, who might you be little Madame?” Arianne had giggled at Ghastly but squeezed in,
“I’m Arianne…But everyone…calls me Ari.”
“Well hello there Ari, what are you doing walking about the sanctuary?” Skulduggery had asked in the nicest voice Ari had ever heard.
“Well, mummy had blood everywhere and was ignoring me but then papa came and now mummy’s up with the stars. Then papa drove me here really fast, took me to a room with loads of books and told me to stay but I got bored because we left my dolly Miss Molly at the house so I went for a walk and met you both,” Arianne had explained stopping for breath once.
“Ari, where is your papa now?” Ghastly had asked her.
“Ari there ya are! How did ya end up here? C’mon we need to see the elder council and… Skulduggery? Ghastly?” he had stopped mid sentence when he saw them.
“Ben?” Ghastly had said is disbelief.
“It’s good to see you again Ben, Ari told us about Lizzy, I’m so sorry I just wish we could have gotten here sooner.” Skulduggery had said in condolence to the incident earlier that day.
“Thanks Skulduggery, I need to take wee Ari here to the elders so I’ll be off,” Papa Ben had said clearly too upset to talk about it. Skulduggery and Ghastly had just nodded as if to say, we understand, just as Arianne and Papa Ben walked through the big mahogany doors, into the meeting room, in front of the council of elders.

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