Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Undead Discussion

Guys. I'll write more. I promise. But where is it you want this story to go? I need to know so I can plan it a bit more.

Thanks! ;)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Undead Cont.

Caelan reached over to give Valkyrie a kiss, only instead on connecting with her lips, he connected with her fist. He was knocked back slightly.
"Outstanding my love, you've gotten stronger," Caelan exclaimed. Valkyrie brought her leg up and kicked towards his stomach. Caelan intercepted her kick, twisted her leg and pushed. Valkyrie fell, face first, towards the ground but caught herself at the last moment. She pushed herself back up and settled in a defensive stand.
"Why are you here?" she spat. "You're supposed to be dead." Caelan smiled.
"How could I leave my soulmate? Whom I have an undying love for."
Caelan went in for a full on french-kiss as Skulduggery drove up. Valkyrie pushed him away and called Skulduggery over. When she turned back again to fight Caelan he was gone.
"Valkyrie. What happened?" Skulduggery inquired in that velvet voice of his. Valkyrie turned around and looked in to his eye sockets.
"Caelan's back."

Sorry it took so long guys! It's not that good either! Thanks for reading! ;)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Undead.

Valkyrie sat up and looked at her phone through sleepy eyes. 3:33am. Why was she awake? There was a faint brushing sound from outside. Valkyrie slid out of bed and put her necromancer ring on. She felt the cold of the shadows around her instantly. Flexing her hand, Valkyrie felt the air for disturbances. She froze then grabbed her phone and called Skulduggery.
"Skulduggery," she whispered.
"Valkyrie? What is it?" he replied sleepily. He must have been in a trance.
"There's someone outside. Come quick." Valkyrie hung up the phone and got dressed. Skulduggery wouldn't be here for another 10 minutes or so. Valkyrie opened her window and climbed out. She felt the air again. Nothing. Wait, in the tree across from her was the slightest movement. Valkyrie lunged forward, using the air to propel her, and landed on a branch pretty high up. There was a rustling above her. Valkyrie climbed the tree. Until a dark figure stopped her close to the top. Valkyrie pounced on the silhouette fell with it, out of the tree. They somehow managed to land standing up.
"Miss me?" came a familiar voice. Valkyrie took a step back.