Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So... Yeah. We had a small party of two for Derek! There was cake and a shrine/display... Also.. We had sweets and I like one of the last pictures of Skulduggery Pleasant! Hope you all had a great day! Happy Birthday Derek! Happy International Skulduggery Pleasant Day!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn Maridence

Hey guys !!!! I know I haven't posted in a while so I finally finished a little thing I was writing about an OC called Autumn Maridence. It's not my best piece but it's just to keep you all going for a bit.

Remember the 2-part Halloween Special FanFic I wrote last year??? Well, I had promised that I would write more but never got round to it so I think I might develop that a bit more this year !!!! :D

Anyway, here's the Autumn Maridence Story :)

The girl in black landed on the metal stairs going all the way up the building she had just jumped off. The icy wind blowing through her rusty red hair. Her name was Autumn Maridence. She loved winter in Scotland, especially at night. She stopped for a split second analysing the situation. Vincent Le Strange had double-crossed her and he was probably half way down the building by now. He hadn't expected her to jump, it was a good start to the chase. Suddenly, she jumped off of the stairs and started running. She had gone over the area yesterday knowing that it was a double cross. She ran through a tunnel, took a left, ran down an alleyway and lightly jogged down the mainstreet. Her car was just over the bridge ahead and she was surprised she hadn't encountered Vincent or any of his goons. Just as she reached the halfway point she saw someone standing at the other side of the bridge she needed to cross and he wasn't alone. "Damn it, knew it was too good to be true," Autumn muttered. Two men came running at her.The first man went to send weak tendrils of shadows at her thigh. She turned to her left, the shadows missing her by inches, and elbowed him on the chin, shaking his head and knocking him back, just as the second attacked. He punched Autumn's gut with a fist of fire twice and went in for a third but she kicked him then flipped him over her hip. She turned back to Vincent and the remaining goons, ready for more, but as she did, icy black arrows of shadows hit her body. The arrows pierced all over her body and sent her sprawling. She hit her head off of a lamp post as she fell and landed against it. Autumn hit her head harder then she thought. "Ouch," she mumbled, checking the place where her head made had made contact with the lamp post. Over-taken by a spell of dizzyness, everything started to blur and darken. She could barely see Vincent Le Strange approaching her. Then, everything went black and Autumn Maridence was finally unconscious.