Sunday, 11 August 2013

I had this idea...

Right. SO. I thought that if I have a goal, like finishing a book and getting published, I'll actually make myself do it. I work better like that.

So I had a book idea, and I'll be writing various scenes to keep me interested and make me want to piece it all together.

Here is a short flashback scene which I don't expect you to get all of at this moment in time-

It was three days before my eighth birthday, and I had punched one of the boys in my grade. That boy was Leith Drovsky, son of Boris Drovsky, and he really had been asking for it. Even at such a young age, I was top of my class in training and academics. Leith was second to me. He had been tormenting my best friend, Zebulon Turia, about his name and his rank in our class. I'd had enough and punched Leith square in the nose, causing a bleed. Vampire blood doesn't affect other vampires so there wasn't any hunger felt as the blood spurted from Leith's nose. My mother had hastily dragged me away before I could cause any real damage, as did Zeb and Leith's mothers. We were rounding the last corner before our chamber when a massive crash and a symphony of screams erupted from the main cavern. Fear shot across my mother's face as she shoved me through our door. If my mother was afraid, I knew it would be bad. She bolted the door and blocked it with the little furniture we had in our small alcove. "Mother," I had whispered, terrified. "What's happen-"

"Shhhh," she silenced me and hurried me to one of the far corners of the room. I was not one to argue with my mother, so I stood and waited as she leaned against the freezing stone wall and dragged her hands along, feeling for something. After a few seconds, she found what she was looking for and I heard a soft click as the wall began to shake and tremble. I was so amazed that I jumped when repeated thumps came from the blocked door. The furniture slid away slightly with each thud. Like someone, or something, was throwing themselves at it. I would later discover that it was a group of Lovac; half-human half-vampire, who hunted and killed vampires as well as other creatures. The secret door had opened fully and I gasped. Weapons lined the walls. Dozens of calibres and models of guns, knives of all shape and sizes, axes, swords, and weapons I couldn't even name. My mother scanned the walls before plucking several knives from their places and strapping them to a belt I hadn't even seen her put on. She slid another into her boot and strapped several guns to various places on her body. She reached for an axe with a blade the size of her forearm and positioned it on her back. There rest was shoved to the left as she urged me inside.

She lifted the end of a tablecloth and pointed for me to crawl under. I obeyed. “Scarlet,” she whispered in her thick Russian accent. “Stay here until I come and get you, my dearest. You cannot leave until it is safe.” My fiery red fringe fell over teary eyes. It was one of the very few features I had inherited from my mother. “Remember, you are a Drakon.” She reached down, tucked it back behind my ear and kissed my forehead. “One of the last of your name. You are a warrior, like your father.” I smiled; my father was our best warrior and was in battle at the time. “If I don’t... Return...” my mother faltered. “Well, if that’s the case. Take this.” She placed a sheathed knife into my hand. “Use it well, my daughter. It was given to me by my mother, and has been passed down from mother to mother for centuries. If I don’t come back, pull this lever down.” She indicated to a sconce on my right and I nodded. The banging on our door stopped suddenly. “I love you, Scarlet. Never forget that. And never forget who you are, sweetheart.” Tears ran down both of our faces as we embraced one last time.

“I love you too, mother. I promise I’ll do everything you’ve told me to do," I cried. She kissed my forehead, and then my two cheeks as the secret door began to close. “Mother,” I screamed. “No!” The last thing I saw was the door to our chamber exploding, dozens of strangers with blood-stained weapons pouring in and my mother, my sweet and gentle mother, ready to fight them all until her last breath, before I was plunged into complete and utter darkness.
More random scenes to come! <3