Wednesday, 12 February 2014

John Green, you evil man.

So, I recently finished two of John Green's wonderfully wicked books-

Looking for Alaska 


The Fault in Our Stars

I was not expecting to like them so much, because I usually only read fantasy...

I was also not expecting to cry so much. Both books were really gripping and I couldn't put them down when I was reading them.

I thought that I would cry more at TFIOS, but that wasn't the case. LfA sent me into a 20 minute weep at the end of the book. TFIOS was, of course, still extremely saddening and I cried for over 10 minutes, but LfA was filled to the brim with feels.

And yet even though both books were written very well and LfA triggered more of a reaction, The Fault in Our Stars was definitely my favourite. It really made me laugh (and cry) at the best bits. At all bits really... And I really preferred the story. I just loved it overall.

I strongly recommend these books and any other John Green books, because they are brilliant. I know I'll be buying more of his work. And a lot of tissues ;)

- Cassidy x