Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween Fanfic

"Trick or Treat!", Skulduggery said, as Valkyrie opened the window. "Skulduggery! what are you wearing!", she whispered, shocked, when she saw the batman outfit.Skulduggery replied in a playful tone, "Oh didn't i tell you, we're going to a party Ghastly planned! Everyone's going to dress up!" Valkyrie hadn't stopped glaring at Skulduggery since she heard the words 'party' and 'dress up'. "Skulduggery! I cant go! What am I supposed to wear!" she hissed. "Well, my dear Valkyrie, I took the liberty of buying you a witch costume", he replied, throwing her a bag, in his you-just-lost-the-argument tone. "A witch! You get to be batman but me, I get to be a stupid witch!", this time she was shouting. "Just get changed and meet me at the pier in five", he said, ending the conversation. He flew out the window and landed in the bushes where no one could see him then he disappeared from Valkyries sight. She opened in the bag to find a black and purple witches dress with a black tutu with purple ribbon joined on, purple stockings, black pumps, a black witches hat with a purple ribbon and a buckle and some make-up to match it all.

Valkyrie walked into the room dressed in her witch outfit. "I'm going out. Alice is in bed. Remember, it's Halloween, so when someone rings the door, answer, listen to their joke or whatever thay do, then give then sweets and say goodbye, ok?", Valkyrie said as she was finishing putting on eyeliner -which Carol and Crystal had just recently showed her how to put on- and opening the window. The reflection nodded. Her parents were about to go out to a friend's Halloween party and wouldn't be back 'till late so she didn't need to worry about sneaking in, it was the sneaking out that was the problem. Children were everywhere so she had to be extremely careful that no one saw her when she lowered herself to the garden to meet Skulduggery at the docks. Nope, she hadn't been seen. She walked up to the path and ran to the docks. "Hey. Don't you think that this attempt with the eyeliner looks more decent than last time?" she asked Skulduggery as she opened the passenger door to the Bently. "Valkyrie, i have no clue as to how eyeliner should look, being a 400 year old skelleton, and all." he replied in a sarcastic tone, Valkyrie had only recently discovered. "C'mon Skulduggery, just tell me what you think!" she pressed him. "Valkyrie it's fine" he assured her, just managing to keep himself from laughing. She was wearing make-up because she knew Hansard Kray was going to be there.  

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