Friday, 22 February 2013

The Undead Part 3.

Skulduggery drove around the area a few times making sure he was gone whilst Valkyrie checked the circumference of her garden. They met at the pier and Valkyrie explained what had happened.
"But Fletcher killed him!" Skulduggery raged.
"Well apparently not, because that was definitely him," Valkyrie snapped. "What about my family Skulduggery? What if he tries to hurt them? He's completely unhinged. We have to do something!" she exclaimed. Skulduggery just sat there, deep in thought. They sat in silence for at least another 5 minutes before Skulduggery put the keys in the ignition and the Bentley came to life. He reversed out of the position they had been parked in and put the car into 2nd gear. "Where are we going?" Valkyrie stared at him expectantly.
"Well the first place we're going is back to your house so that you can release the reflection. After that, we'll need to go visit a friend of mine."
"What friend? Do I know them?"
"No. His name is Vektor Treskov. And he's a vampire hunter."