Wednesday, 17 July 2013

No idea...

I don't really know what this is... I think I'll write about something Vampire-y and include this... Anywho, opinions would be appreciated none the less!

A gasp escaped my lips as a girl emerged from the smoke and debris, unscathed. Her hair, from the distance I was standing at, looked golden. But as she neared our encampment, I realised that it was white as snow. It flowed to the bottom of her back.

When she had reached us, I noticed how she had styled it in a beautiful yet simple way; two layers of hair from both sides, plaîted(?) and held at the back by a single glittering clasp. No loose strands or wisps of hair -even with the wintery Siberian winds- escaped the hold of the clasp, as if glued in place.

The girl's skin was nearly as pale as her hair and was completely flawless. She pulled up her overly-sized furry hood as if she knew I was staring. The coat was authentic, made of some white reindeer or something, I didn't really know much about animals and their furs.

Up close, I realised that she was older than I had thought. Her eyes glinted with an all-knowing look as she passed. I stared after her in complete awe as she glided into my superior's tent.